The company


Music Services, Inc. was formed in 1987 by music industry veteran, Phil Perkins. Having been a songwriter, arranger, orchestrator, publisher, performer and record producer since the early 1970s, he knew the importance of the symbiotic relationship between creative people and the companies that work with them. In the early stage of his music career, as he helped to manage the intellectual property assets of a large music publishing and record company, he quickly saw the importance of transparent accounting and the responsibility and obligations that companies owed to their creative partners. It was in the merging of the creative process and good business management that the foundation for Music Services was set.

Over the thirty-plus years that have ensued, Music Services has become one of the largest independent music administration companies in the world and developed its own proprietary licensing and royalty management database program. Today, the company manages the catalogs, licensing and royalty accounting for more than 250 companies, of all sizes and musical genres involving over 18,000 music publishers 34,000 writers, 450,000 songs, 210,000 products, 275,000 individual recordings, 6,700 Artists, Producers and Arrangers and has issued over 262,000 licenses involving 18,685,000 royalty transactions.

Publisher Services

As a music publisher administrator, Music Services provides a variety of 'a la carte services' to music publishers - song registration, licensing, royalty collections, royalty accounting to songwriters and co-publishers, sub-publishing through a network of contracted sub-publishers, and general music publishing consulting. What the company DOES NOT do is song acquisition, song and songwriter development, and song exploitation...and the reason is simple. In the early days of the company, Perkins decided that it was best to not compete with publishers for securing the best writers or the best songs, but rather provide the best 'back-office' services as an administrator to all of those publishers in order to allow them to concentrate on managing the creative process. As a result, the company has focused on developing an efficient, proprietary licensing and royalty system to streamline those processes, and to help provide publishers with the assurance that their accountings are accurate and timely.

Label Services

As a record label administrator, Music Services provides again a variety of 'a la carte' services in order to allow a label the opportunity to focus their attention on finding new talent, making excellent recordings, building a fan base for their artists, marketing and selling their records. All the while, Music Services is again tending to the 'back-office' needs to best support the label's activity - those being to handle copyright clearances for the songs on their products, building artist and producer royalty calculations based on the company's agreements, tracking and recovering advances and expenses, processing both physical and digital sales data to assess their royalty liability, licensing their recordings to third parties, and providing accurate and timely accountings to their artists, producers, songwriters, and publishers.


Music Services' team, at present, includes 14 employees. We have well-experienced staff members who at present have an average length of employment in the greater music industry of over 19 years. This mature staff provides our label and publisher clients with confidence in our ability to help manage this part of their business. Also, we have a full-time database developer and programmer who ensures that our proprietary royalty system can license, collect and process the various royalty accounting methods currently used in today's ever-changing music business. Our song and recorded master database is readily available online for customers to search and locate what they want to use, and then can easily follow our intuitive online licensing module to request and obtain a license.

The senior leadership team of the company stays abreast of the ever-changing laws and trends that govern and direct how the music business operates. We actively represent our clients' interest in and with organizations such as the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) as one of their "Team 100" publishers, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), SoundExchange, the Church Music Publishers Association (CMPA), the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP), and the Copyright Society of the South. We strive to stay informed and involved in addressing any changes affecting song and recording copyrights, including legislation, court decisions, and negotiated settlements.

For more information about our services, the management team, and our employees, you will find further information on our website. Also, feel free to contact us for more information about our services.