Publishing administration


image of EFFICIENCYMusic Services' propriety licensing and royalty system allows us to issue licenses quickly for any type of use requested, process electronic statements with 99.99% accuracy, and provides statement tracking and rate verification on your collections. We have direct licensing relations with the leading music companies, which allows us to get you your monies faster and without other agency fees.


image of youtubeMusic Services, Inc. has direct license deals with the major digital service providers. We collect and process over one million lines of transmission data each month, and our system is scalable to take on more as this income source continues to grow. Matching your song data to their ISRCs and master data ensures that your songs are being tracked and monetized.


image of ASCAP, BMI, AND SESACMusic Services registers your songs with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, CCLI, CMRRA, Harry Fox Agency, Music Reports, YouTube, Rhapsody, Spotify, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and other agencies and companies who either collect on or use your songs. Your song data is uploaded regularly to these agencies using multiple data formats (i.e. CWR, CSV, XLS) to ensure your songs are linked to your catalog. That way your monies are collected quicker and with greater accuracy.


image of GLOBEWith Music Services, Inc., your songs will be represented worldwide through our network of contracted sub-publishers. We supply them with your song data to help ensure they can collect your monies with the same level of accuracy as if we had done it ourselves. No one likes to leave money uncollected.


image of transparencyMusic Services, Inc. provides detailed statements and reports so you'll have a clear picture of your song catalog's activity. We split the monies between your publishers and writers, and make sure each respective party receives its statement and share. We can report your income streams by territory, types of uses, top earning songs, top writers, and licensing activity... all so you can manage the activity on your assets. And if you choose to sell your catalog, we can extrapolate NPS reports for you on the activity that we've processed.