Recording and product administration


Music Services,Inc. clears the rights and obtains the licenses for songs to be used in your products, whether owned by your affiliated publishing company or another publisher.


We custom build royalty formulas for payouts to Publishers, Writers, Artists, Producers and other parties in accordance with your agreements. There are no royalty calculation methods that our propriety system can't handle. We track the recoupment of expenses and advances given to your creators, and ensure that your monies are appropriately recovered.


Sound Recordings and Products need registrations just like songs do. Music Services, Inc. registers those with the U.S. Copyright Office, SoundExchange, SiriusXM, YouTube, and others who protect or collect on the use of your recordings. Your master recording data is uploaded regularly to these companies, along with your Product, UPC or ISRC numbers to ensure monies can be collected from their use.


Music Services, Inc. processes your company's physical and digital sales data, whether domestic or foreign, in accordance with the royalty provisions contracted with your artists and producers, song licensors or leaseholder agreements. We withhold and release reserves according to your company's policies. Our proprietary royalty system can process and consolidate millions of lines of sales transaction data.


We can negotiate and issue master use licenses to third parties who want to use your recordings. Our knowledgeable and experienced license managers will ensure that your rights are protected while securing the highest rates possible for the use of your recording. We negotiate licenses with television and film studios, video game manufacturers, other record labels and merchandise developers for the use of your recordings.


Music Services,Inc. provides you with reports so you'll have a clear picture of your company's royalty obligations and your licensing earnings. We can provide your artists, producers, songwriters, and publishers with detailed statements representing what you owe them, and then make those payments to them on your behalf. But it doesn't stop there, as our experienced and knowledgeable staff is willing to have direct communication with those creative parties to explain how their statements are derived - all in an effort to demystify the royalty accounting process.