6. What type of license do I need for internet streaming?

There are several licensing options available for internet streaming uses.

Streaming for an online worship service:

If your church holds a CCLI streaming license, you are covered for the use of a song that we represent. You will report the use of this song to CCLI and that's it! Having a CCLI streaming license covers live streams and past VODs (video on demand) of worship services on your church's website, social media pages, and YouTube* channel. However, please know that this license does not cover any master or accompaniment track of a song that might be used. If your church wishes to use any master or accompaniment track, master licensing is still required from the record label. To submit a master license request, click here. For more information about a CCLI streaming license, click here.

If your church DOES NOT hold a CCLI license, we will be more than happy to help get you the appropriate license that is needed. Click here to get started on your internet streaming license request. Please make sure to specify the congregation size of your church in the request.

* While a CCLI streaming license does allow for a church to post a worship service that contains copyrighted music on their YouTube channel, the copyright holder still reserves the right to place a copyright claim on the video to protect the copyrights. If at any point a copyright claim is placed on your video, no action is necessary. A claim does not mean that your church has violated any rules and the video will still be available on your channel for viewing. Please be aware that copyright claim disputes submitted based on having a CCLI license will be rejected. If the dispute is escalated to an appeal, based on your church having a CCLI license, a 7-day delayed take down of your video will be initiated. You will have seven days to retract your appeal, otherwise your video will be taken down and a copyright strike will be placed on your channel. Once a video has been taken down, Music Services cannot retract the takedown and reinstate the video. Please only utilize the claim dispute/appeal option if there is truly an error in copyright ownership. Please see the CCLI Streaming License Terms of Agreement for more information regarding this.

Streaming for social media:

If you wish to live stream or post a video that contains a song and/or master we represent on a social media website like Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, etc., all you need to do is submit an internet streaming license request. On the request page, just indicate the type of use as "Social Media". Social media licenses start at $25 for a six month term. If you are a church wanting to place your worship services on your social media pages, please refer to the above article about streaming for an online worship service. To submit a license request to use a song, click here. To submit a license request to use a master of a song, click here.

General streaming uses:

General streaming uses apply to individual, commercial, ministry, or church (non-worship service) websites that wish to use a song and/or master we represent. This includes uses on personally owned sites, photography sites, podcasts, in audio or videos directly on a site (not embedded from a separate source), etc. Licensing rates vary based on the use, so please provide us with as much information as possible on the request. To submit a license request to use a song, click here. To submit a license request to use a master of a song, click here.