It Takes a Savior

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Robin Wolaver, Annie Wolaver & Michael Omartian
Eb And Flo Music/MANDIPHER Music
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Her skin is soft and black as coal
Warm in the Sudan Sun
Her eyes tell the fear in her soul
What wrong has she done
She listens to the wind
Will this be the day they come
With hatred, murder and guns
Who will save her


When the horsemen have come in the desert
And the mothers have run in the desert
When the village is pillaged and burning
Who will save her
Where can she hide in the desert
When reason has died in the desert
Who can pull her from the life they gave her
It takes a Savior

Oh the hatred, it swarms like flies
Simmering in the heat
Who cares if she lives or dies
Who can bring her peace
When there's no hope for hope
Can the desert that brims with blood
Be baptized under the flood
Of healing water

(Repeat Chorus)

When the horsemen have come
And the mothers have run
From the flashing and slashing of sabers