God Is Able

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Mosie Lister
Barbara Lister Williams/Brenda L. Vann/Martha J. Lister/Mosie Lister Songs/Southern Faith Songs
Lillenas Publishing Co. 25%
     Southern Faith Songs      25%
Music Services 75%
     Barbara Lister Williams      24.9975%
     Brenda L. Vann      24.9975%
     Martha J. Lister      25.005%
     Mosie Lister Songs      
People do you know
There's trouble all over this land
Sorrow and grief and we don't understand
We oughta be on our knees today
Oughta cry, "Lord won't You show us the way"
Crying to the Lord
Come lend us a helping hand


God our God never fails
O no, He never fails
No matter what the case may be
God never fails
When all the world is going wrong
Just keep on holding on
He is able, He is God
And God never fails

People do you know
We really do need God's love
Need the kind of love
We can't get too much of
Oughta cry Lord won't You see us thro'
We need You Lord in all we do
Won't You come down
And shower us with Your love

(Repeat Chorus)


He is able
He is God
And God never fails
He never fails