Only A Prayer Away

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Sam Mizell / Mike Payne
Payne Train Music (BMGP)/Simple Tense Songs (BMGP)/WYZELL Music (BMGP)
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I'm always
One step away from breaking down
10 minutes late
And I'm totally falling down
And it's so plain to see
I am my own worst enemy
One more day and I'll get it right
I'm a trip I'm a mess
And I'm crying on the inside
That's why it feels it feels so good to say
That You're only a prayer away
Verse 1
Where would I turn without You
You always know the right direction
And what would I know without You
You answer all the toughest questions
Verse 2
Who would I trust without You
You're the only one that gets me
How would I live without You
I never will so don't even ask me
I all that I can say
I need You I need You everyday
I know that life won't always be rainbows
But I can count on You
And You will see me through