Jesus Is the Anchor

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Wayne Haun/Joel Lindsey
Psalmsinger Music
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Oh, the thunder and the lightning
Was like nothing they had seen
The disciples all were certain
They would parish in the deep
But they woke the Lord who calmed the storm
With a simple "peace be still"
Yeah, the One who calmed the seas back then
Is the One who always will


'Cause Jesus is the anchor
When your ship just will not float
All the winds and waves
Forever obey
The God who steers your boat
So don't let your heart be troubled
When you see dark clouds roll in
Yes, Jesus is the anchor
So just put your trust in Him

When your life is overturning
From the stormy things you face
And you wonder how you'll get through
All these dark and desperate days
Just speak His name and watch Him tame
That chaos in your soul
Then you'll sail into the peaceful blues
'Cause God is in control

(Repeat Chorus)