Waiting at Home

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Wayne Haun/Cindi Ballard
Psalmsinger Music
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His youngest son approached him
With a restless look upon his face
He said father, please provide me
Everything I need to leave this place
The father’s heart was breaking, still he gave his blessing
Son, go and seek the dreams you hope to find
But all I ask is please keep this in mind…
There’s a door that’s always open to a place you’ve always known
And as soon as you start walking, I’ll come running down the road
There’s a feast that I’ll be making
A room that I’ve been saving
I will be waiting, ooh
Waiting at home
I put away the Bible
Words I’d read since I was just a child
I would live my life my own way
Anything I wanted, I would find
The Father knew my journey, all that lay before me
He knew that empty dreams would break my heart
I heard him say, as my world fell apart…
(Repeat Chorus)
Oh what joy for God’s children one day
As we step into eternity, we’ll hear Jesus say
(Repeat Chorus)