The Devil's in the Dust

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Stephen Duncan/Corey Voss/Sean Hill/Rhyan Shirley
America Runs On Duncan/Rhyan Shirley Publishing/The Rain Collective Publishing/Uphill Creative Publishing
Uphill Creative Publishing 25%
     Uphill Creative Publishing
Duncan Publishing Group 25%
     America Runs On Duncan
Verse 1
Beware the whispers in the dark
When you’re all alone
The shadows sitting on your shelf
Have haunted you too long
You're half the man you used to be
A heart of gold with rusty knees
A life that’s full of apathy
Won't be your eulogy
Oh the devil's yes the devil's in the dust
Oh the devil's yes the devil's in the dust
Just kick him off brush him away
And remember you don't have to sell your soul today
The devil's in the dust and that's where he'll stay
Verse 2
He'll keep tryin' to lure you in
With temptation’s song
Hell is desperate for your soul
But that's not where you belong
Don’t drink the lie that’s smooth as sin
'Cause if you're not careful
You could drown in it
It’s light as air
But it could surely drag you down with him
Clap your hands and stomp your feet
Leave the devil in the dust
Keep dat cheat underneath your feet
Leave the devil in the dust