A Dad Like You

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Mary Rice Hopkins & Michael Wilke
Big Steps 4 U
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Title Artist Product
A Dad Like You Mary Rice Hopkins Good Buddies - Mary Rice Hopkins
A Dad Like You Mary Rice Hopkins Sing Through the Year with Mary Rice Hopkins
La la la la la...etc.

You were there to pick me up
When I skinned my knees again
It went away when you said "it's okay"
I'm so glad we're friends


So many can be a father
But not just anyone can be a dad
It takes someone like you to love me like you do
It takes a daddy
It takes a dad, like you

La la la la la...etc.

You listened to me when I went on an on
You only fell asleep one time
If I could choose, I would pick you
I'm so glad you're mine

(Repeat Chorus)


There's only one Heavenly Father
Who always walks and talks with me
And He's always there in my heart
He will never leave
He's holding me

La la la la la... etc.

You kept me safe when what I did was wrong
You showed me the right way
With all that we've done, I see how far I've come
And I thank you for yesterday

(Repeat Chorus)