Training Wheels

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Mary Rice Hopkins
Big Steps 4 U
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Training Wheels Mary Rice Hopkins Sing Through the Year with Mary Rice Hopkins
I was five years old when I got a new bike

I couldn't stay up try as I might

Dad gave me hope then training wheels

Said honey don't worry now you'll get the feel

So out on the driveway we went that cold day

His gentle hand guiding as I peddled away


Round and round the cycle goes
It winds and it bends and nobody knows
My father’s image is oh so real
Life is about those training wheels

One day he said those wheels must go

It's time to ride high with the big girls you know

Those training wheels must come off today

I didn't know it but his hand came away

My face to the wind with the gleam in his eye
The more that he’d smile the harder I’d try

(Repeat Chorus)

Now I see my little girl she’s riding along
I’m training her too for when I am gone
Memories through tears I will smile
As I give her away when she walks down that aisle
For today she’s a bride on her face there’s a glow
And just like my father I’m letting her go.

(Repeat Chorus)