Cant Stop Me Now

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Andrew Gomez / Alaina Renee Cross / Renn Anderson
We are Younger We are Faster Music
Madison Park Music, Inc. 33.34%
     We are Younger We are Faster Music
Verse 1: Hit the ground running and I came out swingin’ I don’t think you’re ready for the heat I’m bringing keep playing with the fire then you might get burnt Don’t you think your mama should’ve warned you first Chorus: Can’t stop me now I’m about to show you out Move out my way it’s my domain “You can’t stop me” I’m gonna cross the line Kick it into overdrive Move out my way stay in your lane You can’t stop me now Verse 2: In over my head but I keep on reachin’ Close enough to taste let me sink my teeth in Try to slow me down, see what comes next I’m rollin like thunder, feel it in your chest Bridge: Move out of my way It’s my domain Move out of way Stay in your lane