Carry His Glory

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Lexi Pearson/Sasrah Hodges/Sabin Flore/Andrew Riddle
The Emerging Sound Publishing
New Nation Music Publishing 100%
     The Emerging Sound Publishing      100%
Verse 1

I took the rugged tree
Heavy and stained
My knees grew weak
I felt his pain Verse

Verse 2

Blood ran down my arms
It wasn’t mine
He wore a crown of thorns
For a false crime


This is the cost
Of bearing the cross


Who am I to share His burden
Who am I to know His hurting
That cross was for me

Verse 3

The earth beneath my feet
Wore on my soul
I could feel Him weep
As we saw Mount Skull

Bridge (x2)

I’m gifted the honor
To carry His glory
I’m gifted the honor
Of walking beside Him
I’m gifted the honor
To carry His glory