Get Back Devil

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Jesse Reeves, Brandon Coker and Lauren Lee Gruber
BEC Worship/WriterWrong Music
Madison Park Music, Inc. 33.33%
     BEC Worship      8.3325%
     WriterWrong Music      24.9975%

I met the man from Nazareth

He called me by my name

He offered sweet forgiveness

Said “there’s no other way”

He led me to the water

And washed away my shame

Praise the Lord! I’ll never be the same


Get back devil get back devil

The prison gates are open

And Jesus holds the keys

Who the Son sets is free indeed


The crowd yelled “crucify Him”

They nailed Him to a tree

Laid Him in a borrowed tomb

But He changed history

The sky was turned to darkness

And the ground began to shake

Praise The Lord! He walked out of the grave (sayin’)


Gathered in the upper room

We locked tight every door

Waiting for the spirit of the resurrected Lord

Fire came down from heaven

With a mighty rushing wind

Praise the Lord! Here we go again!