Watch and Wait

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Words by Ken Bible, Music; Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904; PD) and Ken Bible 100%      100%
“I am He God Almighty
Look to Me and rest
I am love; I am wisdom
I will give what’s best
Trust My time. Trust My heart
Watch My will unfold
After night day is bringing
Glories yet untold!

“Like a flood all-engulfing
Swirling all around
Evil roars; evil threatens
Fear and pain profound
Lift your hearts! Raise your eyes!
See what soon will be
Life from death good from evil.
Boldly wait on Me

“Watch and wait loving praising
Serving to the end
Soon the dawn – light and wonder
None can comprehend
Share My joy! Breathe My peace!
Faith will show you how
I am life strength and blessing
Through this here and now!”