27. Can I use your song on my web page?

Using a song on a website is an online performance use.

You can now make an "online performance" request through our website. Once you log onto our home page, please click on the large search repertoire button at the bottom left of the page. For the best search results, enter the title in the Title field (or at least a part of it), making sure the pull-down menu is set to "Contains All Keywords." Then, in the Writer field, enter the last name of the songwriter (or one of the writers, if more than one). Leave the Publisher field blank.

After finding the song you are interested in, click on that title. Select the correct License Type from the menu (“ONLINE PERFORMANCE" used for online performances, e.g. streaming YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, personal website videos or audio podcasts.). Click on the "Request License" button to initiate the step-by-step application, following the directions as prompted.

Some of our songs treat website uses on a case-by-case basis. You may continue to make your request, if the song you want to use cannot be licensed you will be notified and your license will be canceled.