32. Can I get permission from Music Services for all songs that are printed in WORD and Brentwood-Benson products?

No! Word Music and Brentwood-Benson Music print or record hundreds of songs that they do not own or control. There is a difference between a song that is "printed" in a Word or Brentwood-Benson book and a song that is owned by Word or Brentwood-Benson. The best way to determine who owns or controls a song is to look at the copyright notice for that song.

Copyright notices are usually located on the first page of the song. For all Word and Brentwood-Benson copyrighted songs, the copyright line will contain either Word Music, Brentwood-Benson Music, or admin. by Word Music or Brentwood-Benson Music.

To contact us regarding permission to use one of these copyrights, please use the request form on our website or e-mail your requests to us. For all Word Music copyrights, send your request to our Word email address. Requests for Brentwood-Benson Music copyrights should be sent to our Brentwood-Benson email address. For information on finding the administrator for songs that are not under our administration, please see FAQ question 26.